I Didn't Receive My Account Verification Email

n order to register your QC Games account you have to verify your email address. If it's been a few minutes and you still haven't received a verification email, try the following.

GMail Specific Users

We've noticed that some gmail users are not receiving their activation email, it takes 15-30 minutes, or it gets sent to the promotions tab, all mail, or spam folders. We are working with our email provider to determine the issue. Please note that requesting multiple emails won't guarantee one would be delivered more quickly, but if it's been more than 30 minutes please submit another request for verification before contact support.

Check Your Junk Mail Folder

Sometimes spam filters work a little too well. Our email will be easy to spot: the subject line will say "Your registration is almost complete!"

Resend The Verification Email After Adding Us To Your Contact Lis

Add transactional@info.qcgamedev.com to your approved contact list, log into your new QC Games account, and select "Resend Email". Only the most recent email will work to verify your account, so if you do this more than once be sure to use the most recent email.

If It's Been 30 Minutes Contact Us

If you still have trouble after checking your junk mail and adding our email address to your contact list, please contact support (mailto: support@qcgamedev.com)